A Little Twitter Bird Told Me… – by Leslie Soriente

I have been working at CASE for the past six weeks as a Communications Assistant, keeping the CASE’s Twitter and Facebook up to date with important events that took place at CASE this summer. Additionally, I was in charge of taking photos of these major events and using them in my social media posts. Example: CASE taught biotechnology to 100 girls from the YWCA over a course of five days; it was my responsibility to photograph the events and keep CASE’s followers up to date about them. Along the way, I learned a bit about astronomy and biotechnology in order to create posts that explained the science being done.

A moment that stood out was when the Communication Manager from a partnering organization approached me, praised my photography, and asked if I could show her more of my work later on. I appreciate the compliment, it was good to build connections that may be useful to me in the future. More importantly, my work has helped strengthen the relationship between CASE and CASE’s partners, and that makes my job more rewarding. I was also very proud to learn that the social media posts I published helped increase awareness about CASE programs. Overall, the traffic increased; we’ve gained followers, high levels of engagement, and more visits to our website. 

In conclusion, my experience at CASE has encouraged me to put my best foot forward and it has also taught me about teamwork and leadership. The environment could be hectic at times, but positive mentors and coworkers made the opportunity worthwhile. Even though I go back to high school in the fall, I shall carry these lessons and memories with me for the rest of my life as I pursue future endeavors.

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