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"Straight from the Fellows" blog has just been launched, giving insight directly from the fellows of MfA DC. This week featuring an article from Cohort 4 Fellow Gabe Webster from Union College in New York.

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Our Mission

Fifty years ago, Americans led the world in math and science, claiming some of the most important inventions and technological breakthroughs of the 20th century.  Today, American 15-year-olds rank 25th in math compared to their peers worldwide.  Math for America strives to reclaim America’s reputation for scientific greatness by recruiting and supporting the very best secondary education math teachers.

Here in Washington DC, the majority of secondary school students are not math proficient.  Only about two thirds of secondary school math teachers are fully certified.

Our Goals

  • Recruit candidates with strong math knowledge and teaching aptitude, which enhances the classroom experience and prepares disadvantaged youth to complete high school and attend college
  • Support teachers through the completion of their Master’s degree and beyond, which will help them to become effective math educators in high-need urban classrooms
  • Provide professional development, mentoring, and networking opportunities for teachers to facilitate the growth of a vibrant community of math educators

“By recruiting and training outstanding secondary school mathematics teachers for Washington, D.C., Math for America DC will help our city’s children receive the education they deserve.”

-Maxine Singer, Carnegie Institution President Emerita and founder of CASE

We are currently in our fourth year!  Our first cohort of four Fellows is in their third year of teaching and the second cohort of nine Fellows is in their second year of teaching. Our third cohort of six Fellows will start teaching in their own classrooms this August, and our fourth cohort of four Fellows is currently working towards their MA degrees. We have three new Master Teachers for a grand total of four and are in the process of recruiting a fifth cohort of Fellows.

How we do it

MfA DC has two components: the Fellowship Program and the Master Teacher Program

The Fellowship, designed for new teachers, recruits a new cohort annually.  Each Fellow undergoes 15 months of intensive training, completing 18 credit hours of education pedagogy and 15 credit hours of math at our university partner as well as 500 hours of observation and teaching in DC classrooms with experienced mentors.  Fellows collect assignments, artifacts, and projects in a portfolio to document their professional development as educators. 

MfA DC covers the cost of tuition, fees, and healthcare.  In addition, each Fellow receives a living stipend during training and a salary supplement during the first four years of teaching (which is linked to teacher retention).  At the end of the 15 month training, each Fellow receives an MA in Teaching in Secondary Education.  The Fellows spend the next four years working in Washington DC Public Schools or Public Charter Schools, supported by the MfA DC staff, their mentors, and each other.

The Master Teacher Program, designed for experienced DC teachers, is in the process of recruiting a first cohort of participants.  The program offers participants professional development and networking opportunities, a training grant to further their education, and an annual stipend over five years.  Master Teachers and Fellows build a vibrant community of math educators through professional development resources and events.

MfA DC is funded by a $1.498 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and through private donations.

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